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We develop mobile applications & websites.

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Mobile & Tablet Apps on the Big Screen

Multi-screen Experiences with Google Cast™ Ready apps for Chromecast.

Apps for the Big Screen

Multi-screen Experiences for mobile, tablet and websites.

Apps for the TV

Multi-screen App Experiences on your Television.

Our in-house team are experienced in creating apps for Smart TV devices, bringing your app and media content to the big screen.

Chromecast allows users to easily, and cheaply (£30), upgrade any TV with HDMI so they can enjoy content from Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube and more — powered from a Google Cast™ enabled website or mobile app.

Use Chromecast to display media from your app or website on a television, or make use of the social nature of the TV to create an interactive multi-screen experience for your app.

We can also work with other Smart TV platforms and technologies such as AirPlay. Get in touch and let’s tune in to your content.

Contact us to find out how we can help get your content on TVs. for more info.

If you're technically inclined…

App Haus offer in-house Smart TV app development using technologies such as Google Cast™ and Apple AirPlay.

Chromecast support can be integrated with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android apps and websites.

AirPlay experiences can be built into iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac Apps.